Testing day

Last Thursday our lead designer Max did some playtesting with fellows from a local Helsinki gaming store, Fantasiapelit. The demo test scenario, “The Pillar of Blade Thicket” pit our heroes against thorny brambles and ravenous demons, a devious time-limit and tricky puzzles.

Torrax, Venia and Lunara faced the adventure stalwartly, investigating the scene. A red pulsating crystal out in the open that leeched the life out of everyone was located, along with with an ancient pillar structure nearby. The heroes were set upon by a horde of demonic entities, bearing serrated limbs and spikes. While Lunara and Torrax bravely held the attention of the ravenous demons, with Torrax bringing his mighty maul to bear and Lunara ducking and weaving with her sword and shield. Meanwhile, Venus used the distraction of her companions to slip unseen to investigate a note found by Torrax in the area. Everyone played their part in overcoming all the challenges heaped on the players.

A deviously tricky puzzle was the key to the trio’s salvation, and in the end, at the eleventh hour, the crystal was vanquished with the unlocking of the puzzle despite the demons’ efforts and that of their malevolent master. The heroes could continue on their quest to locate the ancient item they were seeking, and continue unto the next adventure…

The Fantasiapelit crew were extremely enthusiastic to play and enjoyed the game, and the evening went on to continue with a follow-up scenario, but that is a tale for another day. 😉

The playtesting reviews by the players will be up on BGG soon, too!

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