Luawas, small beasts covered in colorful fur, are the most common domestic animal in the Benem area. Used as sentries due to their sharp eyes and hearing, luawas are surprisingly intelligent, and can be taught many complex tasks.


This strongly built and squat blue-green reptile is said to be somehow connected to Eti, the smaller of the two moons. Aiunin are rare and valued due to their calming aura, which boosts the meditative and restorative capabilities of nearby beings. 


Colorful and cute grics are popular pets, kept as much for their endearing wide-eyed appearance as their keen noses, since they are masters in finding magical herbs, sensing their mystical energies even through soil.

Grics also act as domestic pest control, since they eat insects and other small critters.


Nazags, native to the arid Megeian Empire, are ill-tempered poisonous insectoids, covered in black chitinous plates and rows of coppery legs, ending in a head with antenna and a large stinger.

While keeping, training or possessing nazags or their eggs is banned in the Benem area, some say that nazag eggs can be procured in the black market if one has the right connections. If hatched and fed from birth, nazags can be tamed by a skillful trainer.

In return for food and shelter, nazags can be “milked” for their potent venom. According to rumour, nazags are favoured as pets by assassins of the Shroud.


These delicate and magical golden butterflies are the symbol of Sominai, the pagan Goddess of love. Ophiras spread euphoria and good will amongst people.

It is said that killing an Ophira brings a year of bad luck to whomever is responsible for the heinous deed. Ophira are common in the southern regions of Agemonia.

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