Helm of Strongmaw

This helmet belonged to champion Goran Howell from the Guivren Legion, which held its base of operations in Strongmaw Hold in Garonnys Province. The name of the knightly order and its eventual demise remains a mystery to this day, but there must be a reason why the order is only rarely mentioned in historical texts.


A large purple mushroom that grows small magical flowers on its cap. While the flowers are strongly hallucinogenic, they are used by alchemists in elixirs that restore stamina, or even consumed as they are when found in the wild. Breathing through the cap of the mushroom offers protection from noxious gases, providing good protection against various breathable toxins.

Aox Scimitar

Aox Scimitars are gold-hued massive swords used only by individuals of great physical strength. Each one is uniquely magical, forged for a Lusar demon. A tavern tale in Starhaven spoke of a captain of the ingnisaur guard posessing one of these back in the day, making him nearly unbeatable. That is, until the day the blade’s original owner returned to claim their sword back…

Star Lotus

The beautiful white flower of a star lotus emanates a faint blue glow, hinting at it’s magical nature. Cutting the stem, the milky liquid feels tingly to the touch. The flowers can be crushed with the milky sap and rubbed onto wounds to heal them, or used as an alchemical ingredient for potions and scrolls.

Elemental Jade

Elemental jade is the naturally found form of magical gemstone powered by Ferox energy, one of the four elemental magical forces. Ferox is attached to all organic life, plants, animals, and peoples. Elemental jade can be worked into elemental gems or essence of nature.

Power Orb

These masterwork objects of power were created long ago, and contain vast amounts of magic bound inside them. Used to power Ancient devices, especially anti-aox contraptions. Each power orb is bound in one of the four primal types of energy, and each one differs in their use and characteristics from the other types. This specimen is known as an Eye of Selecos, and is bound with Aiun energy.

Blood Shard

Banned everywhere in Benem, blood crystal is condensed aox energy, allowing aox demons to persist in Agemonia for longer periods before dissipating. Further worked crystals are called Blood shards, which can be used to greatly enhance magic spells, but the process is very dangerous due to the volatility of the crystal itself. Rumor says that they are coveted and smuggled by cultists who collude with aox demons.

Agura Crystal

Agura crystals, highly magical and coveted, are mainly used to power Ancient devices. Unlike other elemental substances, agura crystals cannot be worked into gemstones, only into essence due to the tremendous amounts of magic bound in them. In modern days they can only be found in old ruins or growing in the bodies of agurians.

Scroll of Banishment

Woven from embroided quothian silk and inscribed with magical runes, a scroll of banishment compels creatures from other planes of existence back to whence they came from when the magic is released by incanting the spell bound within. When used, the scroll crumbles to dust. The demand for these scrolls has grown due to increased aox demon sightings.

Luawa’s Leap Elixir

This magical potion is stored in a triangular flask, marked with a small green cut glass gemstone. This elixir empowers the drinker to make a single, gigantic leap, useful for getting over obstacles or out of sticky situations.The name comes from the benemite domestic pet Luawa, known for its agile movement and energetic nature.

Potion of Vitae

A blue light radiates from this vial. Crafted from unstable blightcap mushrooms, vitae potions revitalize the user, easing aching muscles and rejuvenating the mind. Very popular and sought after, vitae potions have grown harder to brew due to the fact that the woods around Runedale have been picked almost clean of all mushrooms. 

Long Bow

Constructed from wisptree or magnut, longbows require more strength but pack more punch than shorter bows. A skilled longbow user can hit a target from a great distance. A skilled longbowman is a terrifying opponent, where one might not realize they are being targeted before the arrow strikes it’s mark.

Nether Loop

This ring is made of magical stone banded with wood on the outer edges, though neither the wood or stone are anything recognizable. Rumour says the rings originate from another plane outside of Agemonia, but the cold facts seem to be that wearing them shields the wearer from magical attacks and effects, and the darker the stone in the ring, the more potent the effect.

Plate Armor

Plate is fashioned by master armorers and provides excellent protection. Lately plate has been out of fashion due to its weight and bulky appearance, but professional soldiers know that a plate-clad warrior is the most terrifying thing you can encounter in a battlefield, their movement as fast as anyone’s due to training intensively while wearing the armor. 

Bitajin Amulet

Made exclusively by the Bitajin clan of Pattangans, these amulets are excellent in quality, scrimshawed from rare wood, bone or even precious metal. They are strongly tied to nature and the guardian spirits of the maker’s clan. Pattangans do not generally like that their protective family amulets are sold outside their communities, and they tend to look down and despise individuals who pawn off their heirlooms in exchange for money.


It’s a shovel. Used for digging. Or use it as a makeshift frying pan! An improvised weapon. Fend off packs of hungry feral grics that threaten your vegetable patch! A short tent pole? A conversation piece? Or just move piles of dirt around and seek buried treasure with it. 


Torches are wooden staves, usually with a rag soaked in some sort of accelerant bound with wire on one end. Recent trends favour lamps over torches, ever since an unfortunate mishap at a stable in the downtown district involving a nobleman, a lit torch, a spell of darkness, a nihteegri stablehand with a sharp pitchfork, and two rampant togrels. 

Thieves tools

A set of steel lockpicks, rakes and lock wrenches, fashioned in the serpentine pattangan style and wrapped in a leather roll. Though not precisely illegal, town guards usually get extremely tetchy if they discover an individual with a set like this, because hey, they’re not for breaking into stuff that’s not yours, are they? No sir, assuredly not!

Arcane staff

Crafted in large quantities during the War of Liberation mainly for pagan mages, arcane staves are often wood, metal or boned, with carvings and enchants. They act as magical foci and amplifiers, or if needs be, as a heavy stick used to hit things with. Due to their mostly pagan origins, civilized societies might look at people who wield them a bit askew.

Longbow of Grenak

This magical longbow was crafted by a pattangan bowmaster. Its origins can be traced to the Kambu´Kek clan of the northern Mutelands, and its wielder must have been a clan champion or chief. The longbow is bound in enchantments increasing it’s strength and range, providing immensely powerful shots while still being a lot lighter than a regular longbow.

Scroll of Recovery

Reading out the powerful magical stanza in this scroll restores vitae to all characters of your choice within the range of the spell. Magical scrolls are created from quothian silk which has the ability to retain and bind magical energies, though it has grown scarce lately, mainly due to squabbles and the ensuing trade war between benemite magi families.


This high-quality dagger is clearly megeian in origin. The slightly curved patterned blade suggests that it was made by a bladesmith in the city of Kruesol, with it’s polished volcanic stone hilt. While benemite and megeian work are more commonplace, the best metalcraft comes from Veletia, though they are rarer nowadays with the Megeian empire controlling the eastern trade markets and imports.

Elakira’s Sliver

This wand was wielded by a famous pagan witch called Elakira during the War of Liberation, featuring a gold-banded runic bone shaft with a magic gem floating inside a gold ring in the tip. The wand itself is a powerful artifact, boosting the power of spells casted by it’s wielder. Elakira is revered even today as a saint by worshippers of Xirion, the god of magic. 

Cube of teleportation

Teleportation cubes are devices that are powered by Ancient magics. Using the cube, it’s wielder can move from one place to another in the blink of an eye. The cubes might have been used to traverse immense distances back in the past, but with modern knowledge the range is limited to the user’s line of sight.

Ring of Shifting

The background of this ring is unknown, but it used to belong in the collection of artefact collector Wolyon Pennark, a grand magus in Runedale. A servant passed rumor that the ring had caused nightmares so Wolyon got rid of it. Wrought from gold with an elongated gemstone in the setting, wearing the Ring of Shifting causes the wearer to appear to be shifting in and out of focus, aiding in evading attacks.

Frost arrow

This magical arrow is covered with frost and feels cold when touched. An exact shot with a froststrike arrow blasts the target with freezing cold, incapacitating and stunning them. Enchanted meticulously with rare elemental essence, the know-how to make these arrows is a secret jealously guarded by the best enchanters in Agemonia.

Prismatic Jewel

Prismatic Jewel is a rare magical wonder, crafted by skillful enchanters by combining magical essences and binding them to a gemstone. When activated, the jewel releases its enchantment to fill the user with arcane winds, allowing them to move and act with blinding speed. The speculation whetever they contain aox energy or not is a topic hotly debated and denied by benemite enchanters.

Amulet of Shonosh

This beautiful magical amulet, granting blood-coagulating powers, was crafted by Shonosh, a legendary Sun Priestess from the city of Kruesol. The amulet resembles a corpse beetle indigenous to the dry deserts of the Megeian Empire, and the sinister design, while eye-catching, is unbecoming to most regular folk. Wearing one in public will surely catch attention, though not of the positive kind. 

Wooden shield

Though some might scoff at the idea of wooden shields and their paltry protection, many still remember the tale of Rael the woodsman who fended off a Benaethid attack with nothing more than a shield, surviving the encounter after jamming his shield into the beast’s maw. Lucky for Rael, the benaethid in question was young and only had a single head, otherwise the tale might be quite different.

Hook & Rope

A hook attached to a rope is used for throwing and climbing. It can also be used as a weapon. These are commonly seen in the hands of stevedores and sailors in ports, though some remember them as the weapon of choice for a notorious Ambergate gang, The Steel Hooks, wielded with deadly precision in street brawls.

Gleaming Root

Sometimes some plants and trees in Agemonia start to grow potent magical roots on them which glow and radiate with a strong magical aura. Great care is required to collect these roots, because they easily lose their magic if ill-handled. Used in the creation of the most powerful elixirs and scroll inks, they can only be found in the wild and refuse to grow in captivity.

Nazag venom

A potent venom milked from nazag centipedes, this substance is a powerful paralytic that can stop the target’s heart altogether in large doses. Favoured by assassins and unsavoury sellswords, nazag venom is a blood-red liquid, hot and viscous to the touch, burning exposed skin upon contact. Nazag venom is a banned substance in Benem, and anyone caught with a vial will face dire consequences.

Runic Bone

No one knows why sometimes creatures in Agemonia grow these magical bones in their bodies. Runic bone is, like its name implies, bone with glowing runes on the surface, used as a magical component for many purposes. Naturally occurring “monster graveyards” are a good but very dangerous place to find this valuable ingredient. It is essential in making the most potent magical weapons and arrows.


The essential ingredient in a potion of healing is the beautiful and magical star lotus herb. Most of these ornate glass bottles are adorned with the emblem of master alchemist Riabo. While expensive and scarce, some can still be procured from his emporium. It is rumored that there is a rare, more potent version of this tonic available, but the process is only known to scent few master alchemist.

Obsidian Figurine

A small vespir figurine carved from obsidian. When the correct command word (sold with the figurine) is spoken by the owner, the figurine becomes a living creature under the control of the speaker for a period of time. Magical figurines were nearly banned in Benem after an individual unleashed the creature in an altercation, leading to the death of a bystander in a tavern brawl.

Medium backpack

A backpack is a bag with straps that fit over your shoulders, distributing the weight. Double-stitched seams make the pack very sturdy, with metal clasps and fastenings. The bags are made from tough and waterproof gronth-hide. Gronth are a docile domesticated animal with three horns, and herds of grazing gronth are a common sight when traveling through the farmlands around Benem.

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