Knight / Paladin

Under the stars House Bryndelion tries to stay honorable in the web of deceit that is the Republic of Benem. The house is known for its powerful magi and wise cosmographers, but Lunara Bryndelion is a knight in charge of their armies. Her mother rules the family, and her two elder sisters both have powerful marriages to further them in their careers as heirs. When Lunara refuses to take part in the plots of rival houses, she gets herself in more trouble than she can get out of…


Guardian / Geomancer

They look like crude stone statues with magical crystals growing from their skin, but the Agurians hold much wisdom lost to the other peoples of Agemonia. Deathless and ungrowing, they live, carve their memories in their stone flesh, then sleep for aeons, then wake up and live again. The runes in their skin remind them of their past. But Torrax’s runes have been smoothed out, and he knows not who he is. When his mentors are killed for their crystals, he sets on a journey to find out the truth of his past. His only help is a mighty maul of stone and crystal, made from his own body.


Assassin / Witch

The bird-like quothians live in ancient Heartwood, worshipping the skulls of their Grandmothers, tasked to keep the demons of the Breach at bay. They live in moonlit tree houses, weave silk from cobwebs, and practice dark magics. Venia is given a mission by the beaked skull of her dead ancestress and must face untold horrors to save Heartwood. But will she have the strength and the will to keep her own mind?


Hydromancer / Telepath

Under the sea live the Korallians in the fiercely competitive society called the Thalassocracy of Zheebul, driven by profit and strict loyalty to the rich Creators. Although Zuvasai’s telepathic skills set him apart, he has a lowly job censoring foreign texts. When he finds out about the mythical Staff of Bekora, he realizes it could grant him the power to become rich himself. Or would he rather use it to set his people free from the tyranny of the Creators? But first he must find all of its pieces…

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