Runedale, the greatest town in North Benem, was originally two warring towns, one on each bank of the river, worshipping a different pagan god. Over time these settlements grew and eventually combined into what is now Runedale. These days it is ruled by House Gramask, although with many of the key personalities in the capital Starhaven, the noble house’s grasp on the town is growing loose.

The town is cut in three by the fork of the River Throyle. East of the river is the Exalted Bank, the part of the city with the Cosmographers, magi, priests, prophets, and the strange Skyrender tower.

On the southwestern side is the Secular Bank, with the marketplace, shops, artisans, the guilds, the military and most of the nobility. North of the river fork is the derelict and oft-burned Northgate district, lacking even its eponymous gate which was mortared shut generations ago.

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