Bandit Bruiser

Reports of bandits are growing in Benem, with most usually belonging to organisations like the Shroud or the Sable Crown. Small gangs emerge from time to time, but they are quickly snuffed out or absorbed by larger enterprises. Bandits are opportunistic and vicious, using whatever weapons they can get, including repurposed tools and makeshift armaments.

Bandit Archer

Everyone knows that when it comes to archers, there’s no beating the pattangan people. Several such mercenary regiments serve in the Benem area, but regrettably many pattangans turn to crime for an easier living or some quick gold. Once they find themselves in a criminal organisation, however, they discover that leaving is much harder than joining…

Aox Cultist

Worshipping and aiding demons, mainly by spreading or owning blood crystal, is banned under the threat of execution in Benem. Still, there are individuals who are compelled by their whisperings, and believe they can gain power and prestige through consorting with the demonic.Secret Aox cults are found all over Agemonia, across all peoples.

The Shiver

In their underwater cities the thought crimes of korallians are deftly detected and punished by the Shiver, the telepathic police force. When you encounter shivertroops or, worse, Shiver officers, think good thoughts. Or else…

Runedale watchman

Known as “worms” by lowlives and disgruntled folk, Runedale is patrolled by these well-organized and tough  watchmembers. Lately the level of unrest has grown, and the police force has undergone a bolstering, sometimes receiving aid in keeping the peace from private armies of noble houses, especially that of House Pennark.

Redskull legionnaire

Pennark legionnaires, known by commoners as Redskulls by their red-enamelled skull-helms, are soldiers serving in the Pennark province. Sinister rumor has that the violent soldiers are not nihteegri at all, but magically created undead creatures. Redskulls have not tails (at least visible), which has bolstered the former rumor even further.

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