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Using the Agemonia App

If you are planning on using the Agemonia Companion App, you may want to download it before you get together for your first game.

The Companion App helps you keep track of many aspects of your campaign as well as containing voice overs and background sounds, immersing you even deeper in the world of Agemonia. Use of the Companion App is optional; you do not need it in order to be able to play, and you may use it for some parts of its functionality, but not others.

The Agemonia Companion App provides:

  • An introduction and audiobook for each Hero
  • An interactive map of Runedale detailing all locations and scenarios in the city
  • An interactive map of the world of Agemonia detailing all locations and scenarios outside of Runedale
  • Tracking of your party level and available scenarios
  • Tracking of your reputation with the 10 factions of Agemonia
  • Tracking of keywords in your Party Journal
  • Individual tracking for multiple Agemonia campaigns

And for each scenario:

  • Voice acted introductions and outcomes
  • Atmospheric soundscapes
  • Tracking of Enemy Health and Conditions
  • Recording of scenario outcomes and achievements attained
Important: The App is not meant to replace any of the books (Campaign Book, Story Book, etc.)
You will still need to use these books when playing.

The App may be used as an alternative to:

  • Using a Party Sheet to keep track of your campaign.
  • Placing stickers on the Faction tracks.
  • Using Enemy boards to keep track of Enemies during a scenario.

Your First Look

When you first start using the App you will be greeted with a screen allowing you to create a new party or see your available Heroes and hear their backstory.

Create Party

Pressing this button will allow you to create a new party.

  1. Type in the name of your party and press the next button.
  2. Choose the 2, 3, or 4 Heroes you wish to play by checking the box after each Hero’s name.
  3. Press the green tick button to create the party.

You will then be taken to the main App Start Screen that you will see each time you start the App in future (see below).


Pressing this button will display the Heroes that you may wish to play. Press on a Hero to read a short introduction. If you want to know more, you may listen to the audiobook of their full backstory.

Main App Start Screen

This screen shows a vista of Agemonia and the following:

  • In the top left of the screen is a settings button which takes you to the Campaign Setup Screen.
  • In the top right of the screen is the level that your currently selected party is at and a button to let you turn the sound on and off.
  • At the bottom of the screen is a button that takes you to the World Map.

Campaign Setup

This screen allows you to:

  • View the Parties Screen (see below).
  • View the Heroes (see above).
  • See the App’s credits (great job all those people).


The parties screen allows you to:

  • Choose which party you will be playing with (if you are playing several Agemonia campaigns) and change the Heroes in that party.
  • Create a new party.
  • Delete the currently selected party (there is a confirmation button, but be careful!).
  • Go to the World Map.

World Map

This screen shows a map of the world of Agemonia, including towns, unlocked scenarios and special locations.

The first time you view this screen it will show you the location of tutorial scenario 1 and the locked locations of tutorial scenarios 2 and 3. As you progress through your campaign, more scenarios will appear.

There is also a button in the top left corner which takes you to the Journal Screen.

Once you are ready to play tutorial 1, press on the on this screen. See Playing a Scenario below for more information.


Once you have played the 3 tutorial scenarios you will be able to press on the City of Runedale on the World Map.

The first time you do this you will be informed that you have reached level 1: each time you gain a level you will be informed the next time you enter Runedale.

A voice acted introduction to the month will be played. The month changes each time you gain a level.

You may press on the City button to take you to the Runedale City Map.

Runedale City Map

You may scroll around and zoom into the Runedale City Map and see the various locations and scenarios in the city. You may:

  • Press on a city location to visit it. The first time you press you will be shown a visual guide to what the location offers, the second time you will be taken to the location.
  • Press on a scenario to play it.
  • View the Journal Screen.
  • View the reference guide to the City Step.

 Visiting a City Location

You will be given a voice acted introduction to the city location and may press on the services on the right of the screen to view the location’s services.

Press on a service to view it. These will be displayed as a list of items. Press on an item in order to see more details. Many of these will show further buttons you may press, for example to hear a voice acted introduction when you gain a new Scenario card.

 Playing a Scenario

Scenario card

From scenario 4 onwards (once you have played the tutorial scenarios), you will have a Scenario card for each scenario you play. Each time you choose to play a scenario, the Scenario card will be displayed. You may click on the appropriate buttons to play the voice acted scenes shown on the card.

Once you have listened to the appropriate scenes, press the City button (if the scenario is in Runedale) or the Road button (if the scenario is outside Runedale) to begin the scenario.

Beginning a Scenario

Each scenario will begin with a voice acted introduction. Pressing the next button will start the scenario. During a scenario you may:

  • View the Journal Screen.
  • View the reference guide to the Scenario Step.
  • View the Enemy Tracker.
  • Press the success or failure button when the scenario has finished.

Pressing the success or failure button will take you to the scenario conclusion.

Each scenario may also have scenario specific buttons that should be pressed at the appropriate times.

The Enemy Tracker allows you to keep track of Enemies during a scenario with the App instead of using Enemy boards. You may type in the name of the Enemies and track each Enemies health and any conditions they may have.

Scenario Conclusion

Each scenario will end with a voice acted conclusion.

Each scenario conclusion may also have scenario specific buttons that should be pressed if appropriate.

Pressing the next button will take you to the Party and Hero Achievements Screen for the scenario.

Party and Hero Achievements

In these screens you may record the party achievements and individual Hero achievements you may have accomplished. These achievements will be viewable later in the Journal Screen should you need to check them, or if you just want to reminisce!

Pressing the World Map button will take you back to the World Map.


The Journal screen has three sections, each displayed when you press the appropriate button:

  • Achievements
  • Keywords
  • Reputation

The Achievements screen lets you view your achievements for past scenarios.

The Keywords screen lets you view and change the keywords you have written in your Party Journal. Note: Keywords written in Hero Journals are not recorded in the App.

The Reputation screen lets you view and change your reputation with the ten factions of Agemonia.

Cross-Device Save Functionality

You can transfer your saved progress in the Agemonia app to another device.

To do this, go to the Settings from the Start screen, then select Parties, and finally Save Data. Write down your Player ID, which is located at the bottom of the screen. This ID is unique to each device, so please keep it safe!

Your progress will be saved automatically every time you use the Agemonia app.

To import saved data on a new device, navigate to Settings -> Parties -> Save Data -> Import. Enter the 6-character alphanumeric
Player ID and press “Load.” Please note that this will completely replace any existing game progress on this device.

Once your save is retrieved from the cloud, press “Finalize” to overwrite the existing save on the device. The app will close automatically. Reopen it to access your imported save data. Note that this process will generate a new unique Player ID for the new device to prevent overwriting the previous save.

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