What’s inside the Box?

Tray Sheet

7 x double sided scenario map

3 x Enemy Board

Party sheets, Hero sheets and stickers

Rules Reference Book (57 pages)

Game map, Runedale map and Faction reputation tracker

Campaign Book (47 pages)

Scenario Book (97 pages)

Story Book (71 pages)

Miniature Tray


Drenosh, Jonai, Lunara, Matajam, Nalam, Torrax, Venia and Zuva’Sai


12 x Red Counter die, 5 x Black Counter die, 5 x Action die and 3 x Reaction die

4 x Action selection marker

20 x achievement gem

20 x inspiration gem

Token Tray

Conditions, Generic, Runic Plates, Cross, Square, Hook & Rope, Trap, Chest, Spawn, Initiative, Triangle and Circle tokens

Archive Tray

Scenario specific tokens and standees, stock for item cards and Extra Action boards.

100 x plastic standee base

Standee Tray

Monster standees and standee bases

Money tray , transparent lid

Item token Tray, transparent lid

Archive Tray, purple lid

7 x Hero board

7 x Action board

 4 x Hero tray

Violet Box

Tarot sized cards

598 x Story cards.

Yellow box

Tarot size cards

32 x City event card, 32 x World event card, 33 x Scenario card, 7 x Profession card and 10 x Artifact card

Standard sized cards

14 x Hero Class card

18 x Initiative card, 7 x Ally card, 8 x Henchman card and 7 x master Talent card

Small sized cards

205 x item card

14 x Injury card, 40 x condition card, 6 x trap card and 20 x fate card

2 x Action token tray

Each hero has their own slot for all of their Action tokens.

Vitality disk tray
Each hero has their own slot for all of their Vitality disks.

Storage tray
Hero book, Stamina chip and Hero board.

7 x Hero book

9 x Punch board

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